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Backed by a wealth of experience in large and multifunctional global businesses, Catherine is a professional and credible training and development manager, inspiring Inclusive leadership consultant, qualified coach and behavioural facilitator. She has worked solo and in partnership with others to deliver to clients including:

National Grid™ | PricewaterhouseCoopers™ | Rothschild™ | Lloyds™ Banking Group | Vodaphone I Allianz I Various Law Firms I Charities I Housing Associations I  Educational Institutions

Catherine Hamilton is the founder and Managing Director of Inspire2Achieve Training & Consultancy Ltd. She prides herself on building a range of clients and developing their people. She is a sought-after facilitator for development programmes and consultant on inclusive leadership in both the private and public sector, and brings over thirty years of commercial experience to the role.

Practical Solutions

Catherine formed Inspire 2 Achieve Training & Consultancy Ltd to:

  • help individuals maximise their potential and build their confidence to be the best they can be and to ensure they are heard.
  • to help businesses develop and implement innovative solutions to improve employee engagement and performance.

I take the time to build relationships and assist you with what you need for the best possible results.

I specialise in inclusion and diversity strategy and training and raising awareness of behaviours. By raising awareness of our own behaviours and the impact we have on others we have choices about what we could do differently for a better outcome. This awareness helps us with building better relationships and communicating more effectively with clients, teams and partners.

Winner of Outstanding Contribution to Women's Learning and Development  (Women on Their Way Ltd)

Finalist for the ORC Peter Robertson Global Equality and Diversity Award

Opportunity Now panel judge for the Inclusive Culture Award 2011 and Agile Working Award 2013

Inspire2chieve Ltd currently works with / in partnership with:

Diversity & Inclusion

I am an inclusion and diversity consultant, experienced in integrating inclusion and diversity into business. As part of my selection of services, I also facilitate the development of strategies for Inclusion and Diversity and training. I am able to create highly effective and leading learning interventions in order to maintain best practice and continuous improvement.

Contact me in Hinckley, Leicestershire, to acquire more information about my consultancy services. 

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Senior Ops Manager: "You were my inspiration - you came along to our meeting and spoke with such passion and frankness that I wanted to be part of what you were trying to achieve: no one had expressed so well what I believed was very different to us crusty old middle aged Anglo Saxon male way of thinking!

Your coaching and development skills were great and your support and your infectious ‘positivety’ and understanding shined through for me. I really think you found a way to open people’s eyes to what people could do if they thought differently.

I have had some truly enlightening experiences as a result of the path you set me on (inspirational to point of tears, and cringe-worthy to the point of shame) and I will do my best to keep that candle burning".