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Guiding You Through the Process

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When you contact me, I can provide advice or guidance or a detailed proposal depending on your needs. I draft a proposal based on various discussions and you have the opportunity for further input. I then confirm some available dates that are suitable for you before we confirm and agree the piece of work. I will finish the design of your training programme or workshop for your approval and proceed with preparations for delivery. Depending on the extent of the design required, this may form part of the proposal.

Catherine Hamilton

Sustaining the Learning

Catherine Hamilton is the founder and Managing Director of Inspire2Achieve Training & Consultancy Ltd. She prides herself on building a range of clients and developing their people. She is a sought-after facilitator and consultant on inclusive leadership in both the private and public sector, and brings over thirty years of commercial experience to the role.

After your workshop or webinar has been delivered, it will always be followed by a review. This is because I am keen to support your business from start to finish and to sustain the learning that has been encouraged throughout the bespoke training programme. Whether you require a workshop or some one-to-one coaching, I tailor each session to suit your individual needs.


I make sure all clients have experiences they remember.
I am a trusted partner and am able to quickly understand needs, apply my knowledge of best practice from other industries and develop pragmatic solutions.
My clients experience real results when they work with me.
I provide intelligent, innovative and adaptive solutions.

Training Methodology

My interventions and training draws on the knowledge, skills and experience of both the participants and myself as the trainer. Discussions are facilitated to ensure ‘learning from experience’ is placed within relevant theories and tools with the aim of motivating and empowering participants to take appropriate actions. By raising consciousness of our strengths and development areas we are more likely to feel committed to taking action and practising new skills.

People in Class

How I work

As a small business I can be highly flexible both in the design and delivery of the products and services. I also keep in touch with my clients and help them measure the impact of the training. I am honest with my clients - if training isn’t the right answer I will say so. If I am not the best person to provide the training or unable to meet your timescales or volume, I will recommend someone through my extensive network of associates and partners. If the volume of work is more than I can manage, I will bring in suitable tariners and facilitators to support the roll out.


Tailor-made training solutions explicitly linked to your business goals and objectives. A range of options from personal coaching and “one off” training for groups through to a full training package for a team or organisation can be developed.

Core areas include:

  • Inclusion and  diversity
  • Coaching and mentoring skills
  • Management and Leadership
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Personal Impact and influencing skills
  • Facilitation and training skills
  • Understanding personal style

Previous Programmes Designed and Delivered:

Inclusive Behaviours | Diversity Awareness | Leadership Development | Personal Impact Training | Coaching Skills I Networking Skills | Mentoring Skills | One-To-One and Team Coaching On Personal Performance and Business Issues | Team Developments | Capability Analysis | Facilitation Of Business Events I Relationship Skills I Facilitation and Train-the-Trainer skills I Advanced Facilitation Skills and Problem Solving I People Skills for Managers I  Time Management and Prioritisation I Self Awareness and Self Management

Adapting to Suit You

Once we have listened to your needs and aspirations and discovered more about your organisation we will offer some ideas and options. It may be a simple adaption of an existing programme or developing something just for you.

By using coaching and facilitation techniques, clients - both on an individual and organsiational level, can build their confidence and develop to their full potential.

Self Assessments

A variety of self assessment tools are blended with the learning programmes as appropriate, and 1:1  or group feedback provided. Tools include:

  • Myers Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)
  • Belbin Team Roles
  • Working Styles Preferences

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