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Tailored Designs

“When your views on the world and your intellect are being challenged and you begin to feel uncomfortable because of a contradiction you've detected that is threatening your current model of the attention. You are about to learn something.”    William H Drury Jr. Professor, Author

Most of the design, which is based on the information collected, will be completed in-house. Although I am based in the Midlands, there is no limit as to who I provide my services to. Prices vary as they depend on your needs, and I am more than happy to provide a price for you when you get in touch.
"Tailor-made training solutions explicitly linked to your business goals and objectives. A range of options from personal coaching and “one off” training for groups through to a full training package for a team or organisation can be developed.

Core areas include:

  • Inclusion and  diversity
  • Coaching and mentoring skills
  • Management and Leadership
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Personal Impact and influencing skills
  • Facilitation and training skills
  • Understanding personal style

Previous Programmes designed and delivered:

Inclusive Behaviours • Diversity Awareness • Leadership Development • Personal Impact Training • Coaching Skills • Networking Skills • Mentoring Skills •One-To-One and Team Coaching On Personal Performance and Business Issues • Team Developments • Capability Analysis • Facilitation Of Business Events • Relationship Skills • Facilitation and Train-the-Trainer skills • Advanced Facilitation Skills and Problem Solving • People Skills for Managers • Time Management and Prioritisation • Self Awareness and Self Management

Adapting to suit you:
Once we have listened to your needs and aspirations and discovered more about your organisation we will  offer some ideas and options. It may be a simple adaption of an existing programme or developing something just for you.

By using coaching and facilitation techniques, clients - both on an individual and organsiational level, can build their confidence and develop to their full potential.

Self Assessments

A variety of self assessment tools are blended with the learning programmes as appropriate, and 1:1 or group feedback provided. Tools include:

  • Myers Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)
  • Belbin Team Roles
  • Working Styles Preferences

Contact me in Leicestershire, for more information about my business development strategies and positive action programmes.