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QUICK Bytes brought to you from a professional facilitator, Leicestershire

Unlock your company's true potential with a range of business coaching sessions. Based in Leicestershire, I offer helpful tips and reminders on a range of topics using handy learning QUICK bytes. One on one coaching for individual needs or a group interactive session for a wider outcome. 

Interactive and Engaging

Our range of 60 to 90 minute ‘QUICK BYTE’ learning sessions give you the highly focused shot of development we all need to boost performance. Whether it's a refresher, reminder or some new inspiration these interactive and relevant BYTES will provide some new motivation to take action. These include but not limited to:

Adapting To Change
Identify and assess your personal reactions to change and gain an understanding of your colleagues' reaction. Helpful to create greater awareness and strategies for helping yourself and others cope more effectively and not assume we all adapt in the same way!

Balanced Teams
Diversity in teams allows for better decisions overall. It also encourages more creativity and better problem solving. Introducing a range of team diagnostics to identify the mix.

Coaching for Performance
This involves understanding the basic principles of coaching including the GROW model. You also learn to use the skills for better impact

Communication Skills
This raises awareness of how we communicate with others and how adaptive we can be to suit the audience. It also improves listening and feedback skills to ensure effective communication in and out of the workplace.

Conversations That Make a Difference
This is ideal for the preparation of a difficult discussion. You are able to practise with an improved level of awareness and receive and build on feedback given so you can say what you need to

People Clapping

Group of People

Diversity Awareness
Raising awareness for doing more to reap the business and commercial benefits attributable to embracing diversity & inclusion.

Developing Diversity Champions
Rolling out new initiatives around diversity and inclusion requires some champions and role models in the business. Not an easy role so give them some support and guidance with this short tailored session.

Developing Network Leaders and Committees
This supports those in charge of the running of the networks. It involves building their teams, facilitating the development of the network vision and objectives, and creating success criteria and event plans.

Diversity: Walk the Talk
Diversity is far more than a tick box exercise and each and every one of us can make a difference to ensure diversity is not just talked about but actively valued.

Learning Styles
As everyone learns differently, knowing your style can help with your own development. It also helps with recognising the needs of others.

Making a Personal Impact
Increase your self-awareness and create a great first impression. You can also develop your interpersonal skills for positive impact.

Unconscious Bias
By raising awareness of any bias, you can make better decisions. You are also able to support others more effectively.

Value Of Networking

This is a practical taster workshop to increase your effectiveness in building and maintaining networks of contacts. You can also leverage these clients to get value for business.

Valuing Gender Differences
This workshop is designed to help employees feel more comfortable with the different approaches to communication, which are adopted by both men and women. It also helps to develop strategies for effective communication with colleagues of both genders. A helpful quiz is used to self identify our brain gender

Contact me in Hinckley, Leicestershire, to discover more about my business coaching sessions and QUICK Bytes.


What participants have said about Quick Bytes "Great refresher of stuff I already know and stuff that I know I should        do but don't always do it.  Some great ideas."

  "So much fun and revealing. Had no idea about some of the research!"

What participants have said about Webinars100% said it was useful (Vodaphone)

"All of it was useful.  Very good presentation and content".
"Short and snappy with key points to take away and reflect on"
"Very informative and at a good pace - making me think more now"